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InCase brings professional and highly experienced individuals to our team, Licensed Private Investigators including former FBI and Law Enforcement. Services also include an Executive Protection Team and Fugitive Recovery Agents, all dedicated to assist in virtually any type of investigation, anywhere. InCase conducts private investigations both domestically and internationally.

Beginning with "Relationship Monitoring", operating along with investigators since 1989, InCase solves problems, finds answers and develops trusted relationships with our clients. InCase debuted on the Internet in 1996, DateSmart in 1997.

DateSmart has been featured on NBC television in Boston and Santa Barbara, as well as in numerous newspapers, magazines and books published throughout the United States and Europe. PEOPLE Magazine, March 3, 2003 issue interviews DateSmart founder for cover story "Real-Life Romantic Con Men", see News for more information.

Private Investigations, trust, confidentiality and attention to detail for your specific concerns remain our priority. We provide you with personal service for your all of your investigative needs.

Confidence, Trust, Results.
Top Priorities.

Some people feel hesitant to contact a private investigator and to initiate an investigation, we've found their fears are eliminated once we've had a chance to speak with them. Clients tell us they are happy that they decided to proceed and have found information that has benefited them in their lives and relationships.

We are located on the West Coast, in Santa Barbara, California, Pacific Time. We operate normal business hours. Many times we are available after hours and on the weekends to speak with you and begin an investigation. Please feel secure in leaving a confidential message if we are unavailable when you call. Your request for an investigation must be for legitimate reasons.

DateSmart is dedicated to personal relationships. If you have a have any doubts about the person you are close to, or are about to become more seriously involved with, we invite you to call. Check them out and have peace of mind. InCase provides investigative services in the following areas as well.

Potential partners, alliances, investors.

Don't find yourself liable due to possible crimes or legal issues involving someone you plan to become involved with professionally.

Family Matters
Care givers, Nannies

Elder Abuse and theft by deception or otherwise are horrific crimes. It's best to first check out the background of the person you plan to bring into your family's life. Seniors are particularly vulnerable. If you already have someone involved with a family member, ask yourself, are they a "caretaker" or a "caregiver"? Watch for signs. Don't allow a family members revised Will catch you by surprise, consequences can be devastating. We can help too if a problem already exists.


Many investigations are initiated by concerned parents, a son or daughter and/or a good friend. Parents most always realize if their child (grown up or otherwise) is involved in a bad relationship. They seek to uncover information about the subject and use it to persuade their son or daughter to end the relationship.

Same is true when a son or daughter finds their mother or father has become involved in a suspect relationship. You can prevent financial disaster or worse to your parent and most likely to yourself as well.

Friends also come to to rescue and conduct an investigation when they see red flags and become concerned about the welfare of their good friend in a suspect relationship.

We've worked with parents whose children are from 18 to 40 years of age,
sons, daughters and friends as well to uncover the real story.

We've had great success with these types of investigations.



Whether you require a one-time, one person investigation, or for an entire company. Pre-employment background checks are imperative for your security and/or your family or company.

Forensic and Unusual Requests

Bottom line is that if you feel or suspect something may be wrong, you are probably right. If nothing unusual in regard to your business, employees or family has occurred to you yet, it would be best to think about it, review the situation, discuss it with someone you trust to be certain. Consider the possibilities of potential problems.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft is the number one crime in the United States today. We recommend you request your credit report yourself from an official reporting agency such as Experian, their phone number is: 800-583-4080. You may request to Check Yourself from InCase for a brief on what information is being reported about you.

Be safe. Be Secure. Be Certain.

Please read Important Information for issues involving your request. If you have any questions about InCase or DateSmart, or if you wish to conduct an investigation, please contact us in confidence.



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Trust yourself, if you feel something is wrong, you're probably right.