"Who's lying next to you ?"
If you date . . . Investigate.


Thank you DateSmart


heart I want you to know how fortunate I feel to have come across you. I will forever advise anyone that is going to commit to anyone or anything to go to you first.

Your services have definitely been a positive in my life and have prevented catastrophe. My heart and mind are forver in your debt.

You know the funniest part of all of this? He will be paying your bill. Yes, he will and with a smile on his face.

Please post on your web site "
Do not feel as if you are intruding, insecure, weird, crazy or psychotic because you have decided to look deeper into someone's past. Especially if you are considering them to be your future."


heart Thank you so much for your honesty and your data descriptions. Your information, professional opinion, research and help are completely appreciated and I'm very glad I decided to use your service, as well as you for this information.

It has proven to be quite valuable and eliminates any you remember when I told you I had a sense or feeling that some things just didn't add up?

Well, your data and interpretations quite confirmed my own intuition and I will not hesitate to consult with you for like services again in the future should I encounter a similar experience. Thank you.

heart This investigation was a good decision for me as it has helped me be able to move on from this horrid experience. I'm hoping I don't find the need to investigate more, but if I do, you will be the first person I call. Thanks for your help, it was great to process all of this information with an experienced set of eyes!

heartThanks again for everything! Your delivery of the information has given me peace of mind that I otherwise wouldn't have had.



heart I really feel better about my relationship now. I will keep this info in mind, but I must say, I have a better "peace" of mind than when I first called you. You have been a great help. Thanks so much.

heartOnce again, I thank you for this information. It is comforting to me to know this ahead of time.

heart I really appreciate your work, I think your research turned out very valuable.

Have Peace of Mind


heart  "He told me his ex wife was dead, our wedding invitations had already gone out. The "ex" was alive and well, they weren't even divorced. Thank you for the information."   heart "She looked very attractive in the photo she sent, I could hardly believe it when I found out what she really looked like."

heart "The information has been very helpful in my decision making. I only wish I had gone to you earlier. I recommend you to others."    heart "Now I am glad I spent the money. I'll keep your Web page bookmarked although I may not be as naive the next time -- I hope. Thanks so much for the valuable information."

If you date . . . Investigate.


heart "I feel better after discussing things with you. Thank you for being so prompt in all your dealings with me, I appreciate it."

heart "Again, thanks for sharing this security information with everyone world-wide. The knowledge is TIMELESS."


 heart "Help! I think I'm leading with my heart and not my brain. I am in so deep, I'm not really sure how to get out at this point."

 heart "The lies seem to be centered around anything that makes him look like a good guy, empathetic or successful."




heart "I wish I could have know about you before I was taken, played and practically destroyed."

heart "Please, if you meet someone on the internet, check them out!"


 heart "So, I guess this proves my suspicion."

 heart "I thank you so much for helping me out. I really needed to find out the truth before it was too late."


In case you want to know who's "lying" next to you.

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"Who's lying next to you?"

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If you date . . . Investigate.

Trust yourself, if you feel something is wrong, you're probably right.